The Listening room

The listening room


  • -An Evening With Christian Nyampeta: Link
  • -Michael Waisvisz: The Hands: Link
  • Stromae Composing Alors On Danse
  • -Bobby Mcferrin improvisation with Richard Bona: Link
  • -Richard Bona improv session with a loop machine: Video Link1 | Video Link2 | Audio Link
  • -Animal sounds at Natura Artis Magistra: The Amsterdam Zoo
  • -New Years Fireworks display: Amsterdam



Experimental Film Workshop | Nairobi, 2023

  • -Sound of children playing from the exhibition; The Nature of the Game by Francis Alÿs: WIELS-Brussels
  • -Strong wind & hailstorm, Amsterdam
  • -Weaver bird & crow hatchlings
  • -Borehole drilling & pumping process, Ngong
  • -The river Aare in spring, Switzerland
  • -Audio featured in the exhibition Body Machine Location at Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland


  • -Athletes & police training sessions on the field outside my studio
  • -Chords, C Major & the Pentatonic Scale
  • -Composition, sampling & recording instruments on an R8 sequencer scavenged in Japan
  • -The Listening House in Tokoname, Japan by Theaster Gates: A collection of records of Black soul music and experimental jazz acquired by Gates from his late friend, ceramicist Marva Jolly (1937–2012)
  • -Shinkansen (bullet train) at Nagoya Station, Japan
  • -Ukai fishing on River Kiso, Aichi prefecture
  • -Train rides: Japan, summer 2022
  • -Brian Eno: Ambient 1: Music for Airports
  • -Political campaign sounds: 2022 General Elections; Kenya
  • Inigradan: Les Filles de Illighadad
  • -Serpent and the Egg: Emilie Wright
  • Legui Legui from Yaral Sa Doom by Wau Wau Collectif
  • -Going Home: Alice Coltrane
  • -CD: Deutzer Brücke, Köln- Mai 2015: sound atmosphere of the Rhine Bridge
  • -CD: Benjamin Patterson: Born in the State of Flux/Us (Disc I & II)
  • -Golden Hours: Cucina Povera & Haron Aumaj
  • -Cherry Colored Funk: Cocteau Twins (See You Soon, Ambient Mix XXIV) by Jorkes & Paris Böhm
  • -Sega Bodega: I Need Nothing From You (Oliver Coates version)
  • -Av Duet: Lung dart
  • -A Blues In Drag: The Glove
  • -Loja: Southern Shores
  • -Laurie Anderson: The Talk Normal Anthology
  • -Bach: The Cello Suites. Recomposed by Peter Gregson- suite no.4 in E-flat Major, 4.5 Bourrées
  • -Maria Somerville: NTS