The Operating Room


Body | Machine | Location

Where the body, machine & location intersect
There is no stage
There is no beginning nor ending
The play has already started



-Film slides

-The Orb: Eye ball scanning queues at the mall

-Biometrics visa application

-Dental implant surgery

-Herding sticks

-Tailors ruler



-Nagoya Aquarium, Japan

-The Twin Arch 138 Observation Tower: Ichinomiya, Japan

-The former Ichinomiya Central Nursing School: Aichi, Japan

-Odeon Cinema, Nairobi

-The Expressway, Nairobi


-Event horizon

Feral Atlas: Curated and Edited by Anna L. Tsing, Jennifer Deger, Alder Keleman Saxena and Feifei Zhou

-COVID-19 PCR testing & vaccination sites

-Dr. Stella Nyanzi- cyber harassment case & nude protest

-VFS & TLS visa application centres- Nairobi

-Nyayo House (Immigration Dept.)

-Huduma Centers

-Referral hospitals

-Moi Avenue/Tom Mboya st. opposite fire-station

-Institute of Primate Research

#kot (Kenyans on Twitter)

-Mkunguni Square, Lamu

-Mpesa (kiosks)

-Mall checkpoints





-Herding sticks

-White cane

-1:1 scale model of the Nairobi Expressway

-Hyper objects

-COVID-19 PCR Testing kit & certificate

-Knife sharpening bicycle

-Home appliance manuals



-Measuring tape

-Tailors’ ruler

-Electric Kettle



-Helical spring


-High school love notes on Floppy disk c.2004

-Ebony magazine embedded sound chip

-Digital & slide projectors

-Weather & whether instruments




-The shadow cast by the Nairobi Expressway

-Dark Ecology



-Animal movement & migration patterns


-Ineos 1:59 challenge, 2019

-2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census

-(CBC) Competency Based Curriculum- Kenya’s new education system est. in 2017

-Weather & whether instruments

-250x160cm, 250x150cm, 250x160m, 250x150m