I Can’t Wait To See You is a series of video performances by Jackie Karuti that highlight themes of space, gender and identity as experienced in urban environments.  Karuti uses video, performance and photography to reflect on resistance to the rigid and restrictive structures imposed upon us and the boundaries and constraints born of these ...

February 08, 2015

Lost In Trans(mission)|2015

Lost In Trans(mission)

Lost In Trans(mission) is a video about parallel existences. The artist inserts herself at different intervals acting as a static silent performer shifting between time and place. The video not only questions the politics of the body and the mind,  but also explores people’s internal conflicts and discontents as well as miscommunication, and ...

January 05, 2015

In The Case of Books II|2014


In The Case of Books is an ongoing project where different people get to travel to different library spaces and engage in the process of dusting and talking about the books they find there. It is designed as a travelling interactive performance eventually culminating into a video installation based on where it is performed. At the core of this ...