Notes Movement Method | Monograph



Jackie Karuti was the main prize winner of the 2020 Henrike Grohs Art Award. This book is published as part of the award, with support from the Goethe-Institut and Grohs family. Additional support was provided by The African Arts Trust. This book was produced by the Visual Arts Network of South Africa.

“The book is led by thoughts around Karuti’s ongoing method of inquiry; How Clouds are Formed, which has been a developing body of work assembled in many parts using objects, images, spare parts & movements. The intention was to produce an artist workbook that sends one out into the field to move, question & discover. It is largely an attempt to recognize the work that emerges in the present while navigating various site visits through drawings, text, sculptural forms and moving images.”

JACKIE KARUTI | Notes Movement Method
Text & image contributions by Wanja Kimani, Bojana Cvejić, Jackie Karuti & Roseline Olang’. Additional images/documentation by James Muriuki & Densu Moseti.

Distribution/ where to order the book:
Mousse Publishing, Milan

• DAP | Distributed Art Publishers, NYC | @artbook

• Vice Versa Distribution, Berlin | @vice_versa_artbooks

• Les presses du réel, Dijon | @l_pd_r

• Antenne Books, London | @antennebooks

• Amazon

Available for purchase in Nairobi at:

• Circle Art Gallery | Victoria Square, Riara Road-Nairobi (USD 30)

For free viewing:

• Third Room Studios | Ngong Hills

• Goethe Institut Library | Nairobi, Kenya

• C& library & working space | The Mall-Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

• Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute (NCAI)  | 3rd Floor, Rosslyn Riviera Mall, Limuru Road-Nairobi, Kenya

• 32° East Library |  Kampala, Uganda

• VANSA | Johannesburg, South Africa

• Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden | Wiesbaden, Germany

• Kunsthalle Bern | Bern, Switzerland

• Rijksakademie Library | Amsterdam, Netherlands