I Can’t Wait To See You

I Can’t Wait To See You is a series of video performances that highlight themes of space, gender and identity as experienced in urban environments. I use video, performance and photography to reflect on resistance to the rigid and restrictive structures imposed upon us and the boundaries and constraints born of these conditions. The helmet is emblematic as a protective device that creates anonymity but also imposes silence and isolation. I’m presenting the notion that life in the city for many remains a constant struggle to negotiate between these two opposing forces. It has been performed in Johannesburg, 2014, Amsterdam, 2015 & Kampala, 2015. -IN LOVING MEMORY OF THABISO SEKGALA-


Johannesburg, 2014. video & photographs by: Thabiso Sekgala

I Can't Wait To See You-Johannesburg_001

Amsterdam, 2015. video & photographs by: Barbara Minishi

Kampala, 2015.  video & photographs by: Alex Lyons