How Clouds are Formed | Aerial, Bergen

Electrical motor, installed objects & video

Installed as part of the durational symposium The Only lasting Truth is Change, 2021 convened by (BEK) Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, Norway


  • This work is presented through video and a set of mechanical actions, where an electric

motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It’s an exercise in thinking about

processes that occur outside of us and how we can intervene in their happening by

observing, recording and measuring. It contemplates how certain movements and the things

that move them, occur or are interrupted and the alternative ways we can think about them.

  • The installation presented in Bergen is assembled by Emilie Wright following Karuti´s

drawings, sketches, and instructions; produced by Jackie while developing another version of

this weather instrument in Nairobi. The two versions are not identical. The artwork then

becomes not the object, but the (mechanical) action that performs a senseless/impossible


Installation sketch: Jackie Karuti     

Photo: Nayara Leite

Photo: Nayara Leite

Photo: Nayara Leite

Photo: BEK

Photo: BEK